Microsoft .NET – Re-establishing connection with the server

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Usually, .NET installs go through with out issue, but this is one to watch out for.

You run the dotnetfx35.exe file but the install hangs on ‘Downloading – Re-establishing connection with the server’ (Click image below to enlarge)

This worked for me:

1) If you’re installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, download the full package from

2) Save to a location on your machine. For example you save to c:\net35SP1

3) Open a command prompt and type the below:

c:\net35SP1\dotnetfx35.exe /x c:\net35SP1

3) Press enter. The above command will extract the install to c:\net35SP1

4) Run the setup file from the folder you extracted to and it should go through without the above re-establishing connection issue.

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