How to install and configure Windows Desktop client

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In this blog post I will go through the process of connecting to a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution via the Virtual Desktop Client. I will configure the settings directly from the WVD host pool.

In previous blog posts, I used the web client for accessing my WVD platform

The web client is great for quickly connecting to a WVD platform, but lacks some redirection functionality compared to the desktop client. Visit the following Microsoft link for information on redirection support based on the type of client (Windows, Mac, Android etc) – Redirection Support.

Let’s get started

1. Download the Windows Desktop Client
2. I’ll be downloading the 64 bit version to a machine joined to the domain


3. Double click the install file, click next

4. Accept the license terms when ready to do so and click next

5. Click Install and allow the install to complete

6. Click subscribe

Subscribe with URL: More information on subscribe with URL can be located at the following Microsoft link. Subscribe with URL. I will be covering Subscribe with URL and configuring email discovery in a later blog post.

7. Sign in with your credentials

8. Wait for resources to load

9. And we’re in

By default, you’ll find that redirect of disk drives is allowed, users can copy information from within the virtual desktop to their local desktop.

10. Let’s visit the WVD Host Pool within the Azure Portal
– Click Windows Virtual Desktop
– Click Host Pools
– Click the host pool
– Click RDP Properties

11. There are a number of tabs for you to explorer, but for the purpose of this demo, I will be disabling copy to clip board which is available under

When configuring the various settings, you’ll find the Advanced tab is updated as shown below.

Click Save when done

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