The Symantec web smart connect service started and then stopped

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You may also come across an error within the logs:

Bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

If you’re using a port which may be in use by the client, you may receive such an error. For example if you’re using the default port of 80, try using a different port. It is strongly recommended that a privileged port (one below 1024) be used

If you wish to check what port is using 80, run the below commands within a command prompt:

1) c:\> netstat -ano | findstr 0.0:80
2) You’ll see an output similar to the one below


3) Type:
asklist /fi “PID eq 4 (Where 4 is the PID number as shown above in point 2)

If unable to kill the process, as a workaround the agentconfigure.xml file can be changed to use a different listening port as shown is step 3 in Symantec’s technical article “Customize the Smart Connect configuration file”

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