The printer has not yet responded

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If you receive error The printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be able to proceed without printer information when opening a MS word document, first check to see you have a default printer setup. If a default printer is set, follow the instructions below. If the below instructions do not help, search for the file and rename. A new one will be created when you next launch MS Word.

1) Double click the my computer icon located on your desktop
2) Click tools
3) Click folder options
4) Click the tab named file types
5) Locate the word DOC or DOCX depending on what version of Word you use. Once located click once to highlight
6) Click the button labelled Advanced
7) From the list of actions: click Open once and then click the button labelled Set Default
8) Click OK and then OK again

3 thoughts on “The printer has not yet responded

  1. I am still having the print problem as above and when searching for on my computer there doesn’t appear to be one? I then checked the step-by-step guide as above where the OPEN was already set to default, so this didn’t do the job. Any help would be much appreciated

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