Internet does not work whilst Windows VPN is connected

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Most businesses today allow their staff to connect to the office network from home, by using a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network). This allows staff to access the office network to pick up emails or documents whilst at home or at another mobile location.

Most of the time, Window VPN setups are left as default, which means that the VPN will try to use the default gateway at the company. This causes Internet issues at the users end. For example, a user connects to VPN and is able to access email and documents but not able to access the Internet until he or she disconnects from the VPN.

The way around this and depending if your VPN will continue to function, is:

1) Click the start button
2) Click Control Panel or Settings and then control panel
3) Access network connections
4) Locate the VPN connection
5) Right click the VPN connection and click properties
6) Click the networking tab
7) High light Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) click properties
8.) Click the advanced button
9) Untick use default gateway on remote network
10) Click OK and OK again
11) Reconnect your VPN or disconnect and then reconnect