Prevent users from downloading files from Microsoft Teams Channel

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this blog post I will go through the process of preventing members from downloading a document from a Teams channel. I will also go through the process of amending permissions so members can only view the document in read only mode. Finally, I will go through the process of how to apply permissions to individual files where permissions have been inherited from a parent folder.

For the purpose of this post I have created a test word file named CloudBuild within my teams channel named Cloud Build Team

I would like to prevent members from editing or downloading my word document CloudBuild.docx

  1. Click the 3 dots visible to the right of the file and click Open in SharePoint

2. In Sharepoint, click the three dots by the side of the file and click manage access.

3. Click team members, click the edit icon and change from Can Edit to Can View. This config will prevent members from editing the document but not downloading. You could also apply this to visitors.

Once the permissions have been applied, the pencil icon displays a line through it to indicate that the edit permissions have been removed and is now read only.

4. Next, let’s prevent members from downloading the file

5. Click the Advanced link as shown below

6. Select members and click Edit User Permissions as shown below

7. Select the option Restricted View – Can view pages, list items, and documents. Documents can be viewed in the browser but not downloaded and click OK

You could also apply the above permissions to the folder level if there was a requirement to apply permissions to all files within a folder. The files within the folder will inherit permissions from the parent folder.

After applying the permissions to the folder level, I can no longer amend permissions on the individual files within the folder, as permissions are now inherited from the parent folder which makes sense.

But, what if there is a requirement to amend permissions on one of the files within the parent folder. It is possible to break the inherited permissions on individual files while new files created within the folder still inherit permissions from the parent folder. To configure,

  1. Click the file within the parent folder, click the 3 dots, click manage access
  2. Click Stop Inheriting Permissions

This process will break the inherited permissions for the individual file. Amend the permissions as required and save

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