Cloud Services Comparison – Azure and AWS

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The below table compares the service names available in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Whilst discussing blob storage in Azure, I was asked, what is the equivalent service name for blob storage in Amazon Web Services (AWS). I am not familiar with AWS, but thought it would be worth documenting a comparison for my own knowledge and for visitors to this website.

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Azure Key VaultKey Management Service (KMS)
Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Resource ManagerCloudFormation
Service BusSimple Notification Service
Storage QueuesSimple Queuing Service
Event GridEventBridge
Event Hubs– Kinesis Firehose
– Kinesis Streams
Data FactoryData Pipe Line Glue
Azure PurviewGlue
Machine LearningSageMaker
Streaming AnalyticsKinesis
Synapse AnalyticsRedShift
Cosmos DBDynamoDB
– SQL Database
– Database for MySQL
– Database for PostgreSQL
– Database for MariaDB
– Azure SQL Database Serverless
– Serverless SQL Pool in Azure
– Synapse Analytics
Amazon Aurora Serverless
Web Application FirewallWeb Application Firewall
Load BalancerNetwork Load Balancer
Application GatewayApplication Load Balancer
Traffic ManagerRoute 53
Front DoorCloudFront
Cross Region Load BalancerGlobal Accelerator
Express RouteDirect Connect
User Defined RoutesCustom Route Tables
DNSRoute 53
Virtual NetworkVirtual Private Cloud
FilesElastic File System
Managed DiskElastic Block Store
Blob StorageSimple Storage Service (S3)
Azure FunctionsLambada
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Virtual MachineElastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Azure Market PlaceAWS Market Place
Bot FrameworkAlexa Skills Kit
Cognitive ServicesRekognition
– Azure Data Explorer
– Data Bricks
– Data Lake Storage
– HDInsight
Azure VMware SolutionsVMware Cloud on AWS
Virtual Machine Scale SetsAWS Auto Scaling
Azure BatchAWS Batch
Azure Container AppsAmazon Elastic Container Service
Azure Container Registry (ACR)Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Cache for Redis– ElastiCache
– Amazon MemoryDB for Redis
Database Migration ServiceDatabase Migration Service
Azure Cloud ShellAWS CloudShell
IoT HubIoT Core
IoT EdgeGreengrass
Digital TwinsIoT Things Graph
Management GroupsAWS Organisations
AdvisorTrusted Advisor
Azure Well ArchitectedAWS Well-Architected
Azure Cost Management and BillingAWS Billing and Cost Management
Azure PortalManagement Console
Azure MigrateApplication Discovery Service
Activity LogCloudTrail
Cost ManagementCost Explorer
Azure Light HouseControl Tower
Resource GroupsResource Groups
TagsTag Editor
Virtual NAT GatewayNAT Gateways
VPN GatewayVPN Gateway
Azure Private LinkPrivateLink
Private EndpointVPC Endpoints
VNET PeeringVPC Peering
Azure Network WatcherVPC Flow Logs
Azure PolicyAWS Config
Azure FirewallAWS Network Firewall
Defender for CloudInspector
Microsoft SentinelGuardDuty
DDoS ProtectionShield
Azure BackupAWS Backup
File SyncDataSync
DataBoxImport/Export Snowball
Import/ExportImport/Export Disk
App ServiceElastic Beanstalk
API ManagementAPI Gateway
Static Web AppsAmplify
Azure Virtual DesktopWorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0
Application ProxyWorkLink
Logic AppsStep Functions
Azure OrbitalGround Station
Azure QuantumAmazon Bracket