How to install AZ Module within PowerShell

Reading Time: < 1 minute

1) Firstly download and install the latest stable version of PowerShell to your device. You can download the latest version from:

To check the version of PowerShell you currently have installed, launch PowerShell, run the command below:

Get-Host | Select-Object Version

2) Now that you have the latest version of PowerShell installed, you will need to install the AZ module if not already installed. The command below will allow you to check if you already have the AZ Module installed including the version number.

Get-Module -Name Az -ListAvailable

3) If you already have the AZ module installed, the version will appear. If no version is installed, no results will appear after running the above command. You may find that you have more the one version installed.

To install the latest version, type the command below:

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber

Please note, if you already have older versions of the Az Module installed, you may wish to add -force to the end of the command so that the module installs side by side with your existing versions. Such as:

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -force

Installing the module will take about a minute. Run the command below again to confirm the module has installed

Get-Module -Name Az -ListAvailable

If you have multiple versions of the AZ Module installed, the latest version will be used by default, unless you specify for an older version to be used.

Windows Core: Move Page File via PowerShell

Reading Time: < 1 minuteYou have configured a Windows Core Server and the page file resides on disk C. You would like to move it to Disk P

Run the below commands one at a time. If copying and pasting the commands, you may need to reenter the ” if any of the commands error.
Also, if you receive Description = Invalid query when running command 2, please reboot your server and run all commands again.
wmic computersystem set AutomaticManagedPagefile=False

wmic pagefileset where name=”C:\\pagefile.sys” delete

wmic pagefileset create name=”P:\pagefile.sys”

4) Amend the InitialSize and MaximumSize figures as required. This command is based on a server including 4GB of memory. If your server includes 4GB of memory, it’s fine to use the below command:

wmic pagefileset where name=”P:\\pagefile.sys” set InitialSize=6144,MaximumSize=6144

5) Reboot the server

6) Run below command to confirm location of your page file
wmic pagefile list /format:list