30 days of Azure!

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Where do I begin, it’s been a busy 30 days mainly packed with Microsoft Azure related stuff, apart from the time when i was unwell 🙁

If you’re not already aware, we launched a new website 30 days ago, AzureCrazy.com and I am very pleased that the website has performed extremely well. We have had great feedback from both beginners and existing users of Microsoft Azure. Thanks to the support from all the Techies including Microsoft Employees and MVP’s who volunteered to provide us with a written interview and shared their experiences. Azure Crazy is an Azure Blog which provides great information on how existing Azure Techies started their journey with Azure, recommendations on how to get started with Azure, learning and certification paths, starting a career in Tech and much more! Please do check out the website and subscribe as there are more interviews to come.

Further GOOD NEWS! The Founder of FeedSpot loved the AzureCrazy website and listed the website on the Top 100 Azure Blogs to follow on the Web! The list can be located here Top 100 Azure Blogs On the Web

More GOOD NEWS, this blog (CloudBuild.co.uk) was also listed on the top 100 Azure Blogs to follow. Thankyou FeedSpot! I was and still am really excited and honoured with this news. I first started blogging my IT fixes in 2008 and it’s been great to know that my blog posts have assisted Techies from all around the world. I would recommend starting a blog and sharing your knowledge, it’s a great feeling when shared knowledge benefits others. I’ll be back blogging about Microsoft Azure in the next few days so watch this space!

We also had the three exciting days of Microsoft Ignite sessions, thanks to all who helped bring this event together and brought us great virtual sessions. I admit that it wasn’t the same with the event being held online compared to visiting a venue and being able to network with other Techies face to face. But the sessions were great and I really appreciate the efforts which went into bringing those sessions to us from around the World. A few late nights with the time difference but it was well worth it. Twitter was buzzing with Microsoft Ignite related tweets throughout the night and early hours. It was great! I still have a few videos to catch up on that I saved to my virtual back pack because i wasn’t able to join multiple sessions at once.

I also got started on preparing for MS-700 Managing Teams and hope to sit the exam soon. I’ll document my experience on how I prepared for the exam, so watch this space!

That’s it for now, but i’ll be back with further posts soon 🙂

Thank you for your support!