Extended partition not showing in explorer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

You want to extend a vmware disk (without a page file), so you right click on the server, edit settings, locate the disk and add on the additional disk space.

You then right click on disk management and click rescan disks and the unallocated space appears.

You right click the disk and click extend, go through the wizard and click finish. An error may pop up ‘invalid parameters’ but disk management shows the disk has extended.

You access Explorer/My Computer and notice the disk has not extended but shows as extended within disk management.

One way I got around this was by using disk part to extend the disk again even though it had been extended.

1) Open open command prompt
2) Type diskpart
3) Type list volume
4) locate the volume you wish to extend and type select volume and then the volume number. For example select volume 2
5) Type extend

Check My Computer/Explorer again