How to identify deprecated Azure Services in a subscription

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whilst delivering a training session we covered a number of Azure services which are to be deprecated/retired in the near future, including,

An attendee asked,

“Wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft provided a list of services due to be deprecated inside each customers Azure Subscription? Currently, service retirement notices are communicated to customers via email, the Azure Updates site, or via the Service Health blade inside the Azure portal. However, it would be great to have a central location where we can view all retirements inside the portal”

Yes, I agree and there is a service available inside the portal. The recently introduced service retirement workbook (preview) available via the Azure Portal, which provides a centralised view of service retirements inside your subscription, allowing you to plan your migration strategy before the services are deprecated.

Accessing the service retirement workbook is easy,

  1. Login to the Azure Portal
  2. Search for Advisor and click

3. From the left pane, click Workbooks

4. Click the Service Retirement workbook

5. A list of services due to be retired in your subscription are listed. These are the services you are currently using.

6. To view a list of all services deprecated and to be deprecated in the future, including the ones not currently utilised in your subscription, click the all services tab under the choose view menu.

To avoid service disruptions, review and migrate the affected resources before the retirement date by following recommendations provided via link in the Services Retirement Workbook.