Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) user authentication availability per month

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Note: Azure AD is becoming Microsoft Entra ID. No action is required from you.

A quick blog post to introduce a nice monitoring and health feature available in the Microsoft Entra portal.

In preview at the time of writing this post, Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) now provides tenant-level SLA performance. SLA attainment provides a report of Azure AD’s (Microsoft Entra ID) user authentication availability per month. When availability falls below the SLA threshold of 99.99%, the bar for that month in the chart turns from green to red. To browse incidents that may have impacted the SLA, you can browse to the Service Health (Health History) in the Azure Portal.

To access this new feature,

  1. Access the Entra portal –
  2. Under Identity, click Show more

3. Click Monitoring Health and select Health (Preview)

Here is where you will find a monthly break down of authentication availability rates.

I hope you find this useful