How to assign licenses for Microsoft 365 using a security group

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this blog post I will go through the process of automatically assigning users 365 licenses based on group membership

  1. Login to the 365 portal and launch the Azure AD Admin Center
  2. Click licenses located in the left pane

3. Click All products

4. Click on the license you want to link to a group

5. Click Assign

6. Select the security group and click select

7. Click Assignment options

8. Here is where you can decide what applications you want to assign members of your security group.

9. Click ok and assign

Licenses assigned

10. To check if the group has been assigned and the number of users assigned a license, click the license type

11. Click Licensed groups

12. and to check licensed users, click Licensed users from the left pane

You could also check licenses and apps assigned by visiting the 365 admin center, expand users and click active users

Click the user name and click licenses and apps (You may need to wait for a moment while replication occurs)