Append text to a column within Excel

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Example 1: You would like to append \ to the data in column C, starting at row 2. (The column may include a path such as \\SERVER\SHARE and you wish to add a \ )

The command is:

This will add \ to the end

Example 2:
You would like to append the data from column C (row 1) to column D (row 1). Such as, column C includes \\SERVER\SHARE and column D includes user names.

The command is:

The end result should be:

After: \\SERVER\SHARE\Dave.Smith

Now to apply to all rows, you just need to drag and drop all the way down and the cells will populate. Click the bottom right corner of the cell where you created the formula, and drag down to where the data ends.

Hope this helps