Reset Dell 1700 printer back to factory settings

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Instructions for resetting a dell 1700 printer.

1) Switch off the printer
2) Open the front door of the printer
3) Turn on the printer whilst pushing buttons continue and cancel together. Wait for the error light to switch on.
4) Once the error light flashes, close the front door
5) Next, switch off the printer
6) Switch the printer back on and wait for the config page to print out. If config page does not printer after a minute, press the green button.

4 thoughts on “Reset Dell 1700 printer back to factory settings

  1. Here is also, how to reset your drum count:

    1) Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable.

    2) Open the front cover of the 1710N by pressing the button on the top left side of the printer.

    3) Grab the handle of the toner/drum assembly and pull the cartridge straight out of the printer.

    4) Release the toner cartridge by pressing the button at the base of the cartridge, and hold onto cartridge handle and pull it up and out of drum cartridge.

    5) Unpack the new drum cartridge from the bag and remove any packaging material from the cartridge. Do not touch the green drum on the assembly. Please keep drum covered from bright light because prolonged exposure to light may result in damage.

    6) Align the side rollers of the toner cartridge with the tracks of the drum cartridge and push the toner cartridge until it clicks into place.

    7) Insert the toner/drum assembly into the printer and slide it into the printer until it is secure.

    8.) In order to clear the replace drum indicator light, plug in the power cable and turn on the printer while the front cover is open and press and hold the Cancel button until all of the lights start flashing.

    9) Release the Cancel button and close the front cover.


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