Replicating print driver xenapp 6.5

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Launch Powershell on a source server (ZDC server often used) as administrator. Ensure the status bar states ‘administrator’

Note, if copying the command from point 8 below, you may need to reenter the speech marks ( ” )

1) UNC path to your print server and install the printer. This will allow for the print driver to be installed on your source server (ZDC)
2) Type: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
3) Press Enter twice
4) Type the letter ‘Y’ and enter
5) Type: Add-PSSnapIn Citrix.*
6) Press Enter
7) Type Get-XAPrinterDriver –Servername XenappServername (Where XenappServername is your source server e.g. ZDC) – This command will list all drivers installed on your source server. Including the new driver)
8) Finally, type: Add-XAAutoReplicatedPrinterDriver “Print Driver Name” -SourceServerName XenappServername (Where XenappServername is your source server e.g. ZDC)
9) To display a list of drivers currently within your replication list type: Get-XAAutoReplicatedPrinterDriver
10) Replication throughout the farm can take up to 20 minutes

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