Removing Calendar entries without sending cancellation Outlook 2010

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Those annoying calendar entries you wish to delete but can not because you don’t want to send a cancellation email.

You have visited lots of different sites but there is no real solution to deleting multiple entries.

Microsoft don’t offer a simple solution, such as a simple DELETE button without sending a cancellation request

I will give you two options:

Option 1:

1) Double click on the meeting or appointment entry
2) Click file
3) Click Info
4) Click move item to a different folder
5) Select the deleted items folder

This is one method to use to move an entry without sending out an cancellation message.

Option 2:

If you want to delete in bulk

1) Click Send / Receive located towards the menu bar within Outlook
2) Click Work Offline
3) Now that Outlook is offline, go into your calendar
4) Click View from the top menu bar
5) Click Change View and click list
6) Highlight the emails you wish to delete
7) Delete and send cancellation requests. Because Outlook is offline, all cancellation requests will appear within your Outbox
8) Delete the cancellation request from your Outbox folder
9) Bring Outlook online
10) Done

If the work offline button is not visible or is greyed out see

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