Remove Run From Start Menu

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See below instructions on how to remove run from the start menu via group policy.

1) Access group policy and access the policy you wish to amend (or create a new policy and link as required)
2) Expand user configuration
3) Expand Administrative Templates
4) Click Start Menu and Taskbar
5) Double click ‘Remove run menu from start menu’ and enable

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  1. Was wondering how this was done. Thanks admin

    Keep up the good work.

    Book marked your site as i’m sure it will come in use again

  2. In this world, finding a good computer or its software and hard ware is not easy. Then after you find one, keeping it in good condition is another battle of its own. That is why we constantly need advice and information on how to keep our computers safe and in good condition. This post has added to my knowledge and I thank you.

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