Print Jobs Slow

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If you find print jobs are queuing for a few minutes before printing including when printing the smaller jobs. Try the below fix.

Note: Larger print jobs may take longer to process

If your print job is stuck and not deleting, restarting the print spooler by following the print spooler restart instuctions below will clear.

Firstly, try restarting the print spooler.

Print Spooler Restart

1) Click Start
2) Click run
3) Type services.msc and click OK
4) Look for spooler
5) right click the spooler service and click restart
6) Once the service has restarted, try printing again

If issue still exists, try the below:

Disable bidirectional support

1) Right click on the printer experiencing print queue issues
2) Click properties
3) Click the ‘ports’ tab
4) Uncheck ‘Enable bidirectional support’
5) Click apply and ok
6) Wait a minute and check if the print queue has cleared

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  1. I would really like to thank you very much for the job you have made in writing this post. Worked like magic after I had already spent 3 days on this issue 🙁

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