Passed my VCP4 exam

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After attending the five day VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] course which i found very interesting, i decided to go for my VCP4 exam and passed.

For those thinking about going for the exam, do lots of revision. It’s not an easy exam.

Apart from the revision, I also support multiple VM environments at my place of work. I have also setup my own test vmware environment at home consisting of two ESXi 4 servers running on HP microservers. With it being a test environment. for my storage device i use another HP microserver which comes with a 250GB SATA hard drive. I removed the hard drives from the other two servers and placed into my storage box which allowed me 750GB of storage. Not a lot, but it’s only a test environment. I installed ESXi 4 onto a USB stick which i plugged into the internal USB slot on the motherboard. Works great.


Just attended the Vspehere 5 what’s new course so will be preparing for the VCP5 exam. Also looking at upgrading my home environment to VSpehere 5 which i am looking forward to. May need to purchase some additional kit.

If you’re planning of going for the exam, good luck. Hope you pass.

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