Part 3: Terraform with Azure – How to Install Visual Studio Code

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My journey preparing to get started with learning Terraform to allow me to deploy workloads into Microsoft Azure continues. If you missed the previous posts, please visit the links below.

Part 1: Terraform with Azure – How to install Terraform
Part 2: Terraform with Azure – How to install Azure cli

Moving to Part 3, in this post I will go through the process of installing Visual Studio Code. Let’s get started.

What is Visual Studio Code?
Visual Studio Code combines the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like IntelliSense code completion and debugging. First and foremost, it is an editor that gets out of your way. The delightfully frictionless edit-build-debug cycle means less time fiddling with your environment, and more time executing on your ideas. For more information on Visual Studio Code click the following link Microsoft.

  1. Visit
  2. I’ll be downloading the Windows version (System Installer 64-bit) as shown below. The download was approx 70MB in size at the time of writing this post.

3. Run the installation

4. Accept the agreement when ready to do so and click next

5. Click next

6. Click next

7. I select ‘Create a desktop icon’ and click next

8. Click Install

9. Click finish

In part 4, I go through the process of installing the Azure Terraform plugin within Visual Studio Code, click the following link to continue on my journey, Part 4: Terraform with Azure – How to install Azure Terraform Plugin in Visual Code

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