List of Microsoft DOS color codes

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Ever wanted to create a DOS script but with a font colour of your choice. Well, you can add the color command to your scripts. For example Color 0C will run the script in the colour red. Color 05 will run the script in Purple. The color command is available to client operating systems.

0 = Black
1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6 = Yellow
7 = White
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow
F = Bright White

3 thoughts on “List of Microsoft DOS color codes

  1. @admin – You’re right, there are many more. In fact, these color names were given around the time when 15 color systems became popular. In the late 80s, enhanced video adapters began to replace the common CGA and EGA video adapters. However, the above information only applies to indexed color modes (even then, only those of the standard EGA and VGA palettes). Text modes are often in indexed color modes and you can change the palettes using the low level video registers. [Note: Be sure to read them before changing them, otherwise you’ll have to use the Video Service call to reset everything. ;)]

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