Installing SQL 2014 on Server 2012 CORE

Reading Time: < 1 minute

You must be thinking that installing SQL on a CORE server is going to be tough, due to CORE being mainly command based.

You will be glad to know you can install SQL with a GUI

Two options:

1) Amend the drive letter below as required. The below command will launch the SQL interface wizard

Z:\Setup.exe /UIMODE=EnableUIOnServerCore

2) If you already have SQL 2014 installed, whether on a core server or a non core server, grab hold of the config file, check the drive letters and features are configured as per your requirement.
Use the below command to run the SQL install with minimum interaction

Z:\setup.exe /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS /CONFIGURATIONFILE=”C:\SQLconfigFile\ConfigurationFile.ini” /UIMODE=EnableUIOnServerCore

Please note: Server CORE does not support all SQL Server features, so it’s important that you select the supported features as documented by MSDN, else the installation may fail.

If you’re copying and pasting the above commands, you may need to reenter the (Speech marks) ” if the command fails.

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