How to setup budget Alerts in Azure

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Budget alerts are helpful for managing costs within your Azure Portal. Budget alerts notify you when spending, based on usage or cost, reaches or exceeds the amount defined. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your spending within Azure. I find it useful with my MSDN account which comes with a monthly limit.

Note: You can also set alerts on allowed budgets at the resource group or management groups scopes.

  1. Login to Azure Portal
  2. Click subscriptions or browse via the search bar

    If the subscriptions option is not visible in the left pane, you can add it by marking it as a favourite. You can do this with any of the icons within the Azure portal.

    Hover over the icon and click the star as shown below

3. Once you’ve clicked subscriptions, click your subscription. In my case i’m running a month free trial subscription.

4. Click Budgets

5. Click +Add

6. Complete budget details (See example below)

7. This is a new subscription so I don’t have any past monthly cost data. But if you were running your subscriptions for a few months, you will get an idea of how much you have spent in previous months and could base your amount on past statistics.

8. When ready, click next to move to the alerts sections

9. Complete alert details. In the example below, I will receive an alert at 75% (£75 monthly cost). I will receive another alert when I reach 90% (£90 monthly cost).

10. Click create

Future alerts will be sent to you via email and can also be accessed via the option Cost Alerts as shown below.

If you wish to look at whether there is are any potential cost savings within your Azure Portal. Take a look at the Azure Advisor feature – Click Save Costs With Azure Advisor

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