How to exclude folders from roaming profile

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If you wish to speed up logon speeds on your network by removing certain folders from user roaming profiles via group policy, see instructions below:

1) Access Group Policy and access the policy you wish to amend (or create a new one and link as required)
2) Expand user configuration
3) Expand administrative tools
4) Expand System
5) Click User Profiles
6) Right click ‘Exclude directories in roaming profile’ and click properties
7) Click enable and type the folder which you wish to exclude e.g. cookies

If you wish to exlude more than one folder, you could type, for example:  cookies; application data

5 thoughts on “How to exclude folders from roaming profile

  1. I was able to exclude the cookies folder which helped speed up logon.
    I also have application data, my documents and desktop redirected.

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