How to enable Azure Security Defaults

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Microsoft have introduced a great new free feature for all new Azure tenants.

Security defaults in Azure Active Directory make it easier to be secure and help protect your organisation. Security defaults contain pre-configured security settings for common attacks.

One of the new features includes Multi Factor Authentication which can only be utilised using the Azure App. Conditional Access allows the use of any authentication method the administrator chooses to enable. See table below

The aim is to ensure that all organisations have a basic level of security enabled at no extra cost. You can turn on security defaults in the Azure portal.

Further details and things to watch out for before enabling Azure Security Defaults can be located here

To enable Azure Security Defaults:

  1. Logon in to the Azure portal at
  2. Click Azure Active Directory, or search using the search box
  3. Click properties located in the left pane
  4. Browse to the bottom of the page, and click the link Manage Security Defaults
  5. Click Yes to switch on Security Defaults

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