How to delay email delivery

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If you wish to send an email but would like it to remain in your outbox to be delivered at a certain date/time, you can do so by doing the following within Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Please note, if you’re using POP mail, Outlook will need to remain open otherwise the email will not be sent.

1) Open Outlook
2) Create a new email
3) Click Options
4) Click icon named ‘delay delivery’
5) Where it states ‘Do not deliver before’ change date or time as required
6) Click close
7) Send the email

Email will remain in your Outbox until ready to be sent

2 thoughts on “How to delay email delivery

  1. I have been battling with this issue for months.

    Thank god I came across your site and found the fix

    Thankyou and i have subscribed to your feed

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