How to add a custom domain to Azure AD Step By Step

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The process below will guide you through adding a custom domain to Azure AD. For the purpose of this demo, I will be adding and verifying to my lab setup

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  1. Login to the Azure Portal at

If you’re starting out with Azure, you can setup a free trial at Azure Free Trial

2. Select Azure Active Directory from the menu towards the left or use the search field as shown below

3. Select custom domain names from the left menu

4. Click + Add Custom Domain

5. Add your domain and click Add domain

Note: To add a domain, you must already own a domain name and have the necessary sign in credentials to update the DNS records with your domain name registrar.

6. At this point you need to add a txt record to your domain DNS portal. This process verifies that you own the domain that you’re trying to add.

7. Let’s login to the domain portal. In my case, i’ll be adding the txt record to the domain portal at my registrar’s website

8. I have now added details to my domain portal as per instructions above

9. Let’s move back to the Azure Portal and verify the domain. If the domain does not verify, wait for DNS replication.

10. Verified

11. I’m going to make this domain primary


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