Extend vmware disk with page file using extpart

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Extending a virtual disk on a Windows 2008 server which holds a page file can be done on the fly without causing any downtime to the server.

On a Windows 2003 system, you could move the page file to another disk and extend the disk but this requires a reboot. You can also use gparted to extend a disk with a page file but again this requires a reboot.

Extpart.exe, a Dell tool allows you to extend a disk with a page file within minutes and without any downtime.

Note: Before installing ExtPart and extending a volume, ensure you have a working back up of your operating system. This will allow you to quickly restore the previous operating system configuration in the event you need to troubleshoot your system.

To download the Extpart click here

The download includes two files, extpart.exe and extpart.txt which includes instructions.

Extend the disk within ‘edit settings’ of the VM before running the tool/command.

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