Exchange offline defrag paused

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If you are running an Exchange 2003 offline defrag and it’s hung or not progressing, it is highly likely that you have paused/stopped the offline defrag. Check the status bar of the dos window, if it states Select Command Prompt – eseutil…
then you have clicked within the command window to pause/stop the progress of the offline defrag.

To resume, press the F5 key on your keyboard. You will notice that the status bar will change from ‘Select Command Prompt’ to ‘Command Prompt’.

Please note that clicking within the command prompt will pause/stop the offline defrag.

3 thoughts on “Exchange offline defrag paused

  1. And guess what I have been doing all along, closing the command window thinking that the defrag has crashed. What a fool.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the find.

  2. Oh my god–thank you for posting this! I sat here staring at the dos window forever wondering why it wasn’t moving!!!

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