Emerge.exe – PST file 32k in size

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You have used exmerge.exe to extract mail from a mailbox to PST from a restored mail store located in an Exchange 2003 recovery group. After going through the exmerge.exe process the size of the PST  is 32k (empty).

Firstly, the account you are using needs to have send and receive permissions on the store you are trying to extract mail from. If it’s a permissions issue, you should be able to view the error by accessing the exmerge.log file located in the same folder as the exmerge.exe tool. To check permissions, right click on the store within the recovery storage group, click properties, click the security tab, highlight the user and scroll to the bottom.

By default you will find that the administrator is denied the send and receive permissions. Create an account with admin rights and grant yourself permissions to the store located within the recovery storage group. Log off and back in and attempt exmerge.exe again.

Another issue you may come across after correcting the permissions issues is the PST is still empty and size of 32k. Check that you have selected the correct folders to restore. When you go through the exmerge.exe process, you should be able to click on a button labelled ‘options’. Add the folders you wish to extract and try again.

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