Disable mobsync.exe via group policy

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An easy way of preventing mobsync.exe from running on system startup.

1) Within your group policy, expand User Configuration
2) Expand Window Settings
3) Expand Security Settings
4) Expand Software Restrictions
5) Double click Additional Rules
6) Right click and click new path rule
7) Add %windir%\system32\mobsync.exe
8.) Follow step 6 again and add %windir%\system32\mobsync.exe

If you wish to disable mobsync.exe locally on a machine and not via group policy, click here

One thought on “Disable mobsync.exe via group policy

  1. 1 Go to Start/Run and type ‘regedit’. Hit the Enter key or click OK.

    2 In the left hand registry editor window (the tree view) go to the following registry address:

    3 In there you should see a branch called: {08b0b2d5-3fb3-11d3-a4de-00c04f610189}

    4 Right-click on the branch and select Delete from the context menu.

    5 Restart your system and the icon should be gone.

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