Cloud Family Champion and Azure Heroes Award!

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The current pandemic has taken a toll on millions of people from around the World, motivation levels down, stress, burn out etc. I’m sure we’ll get through it!

I’ve had my moments but receiving two great awards in the same week helped boost my confidence and motivation levels! Topped up with the support from the Tech community on Twitter was an added bonus. Honored and thrilled to receive both awards. Thank you very much!

Cloud Family Champion
Firstly, i received the Cloud Family Champion award. Cloud Family is an initiative made up of a number of community members around the globe, with the aim of helping grow the Azure Community. It was an initiative founded by Microsoft MVP’s Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper.

You can read more about me at Community Champion – June 2021 :: Cloud Family

Azure Heroes – Community Hero

Shortly after receiving the Cloud Family Champion award, a further award from Microsoft, Azure Community Hero! Wow! Thank you very much!

What is the Azure Heroes program

The Azure Heroes program uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to recognize and reward the inclusive behavior and contributions of the Microsoft technical community.

Individuals can earn a number of badges including,

Green Contributors support the growth of the sustainable software engineering field. Recipients of this badge drive innovation by building sustainable software and help educate the community by creating content and resources related to sustainable software engineering.

Inclusive Leader – Recipients of the ultra-rare Inclusive Leader badger are recognised for helping create environments in which all members and participants feel welcome and valued. From organizing diverse events and sharing resources, to educating community members on inclusion and offering accessible content, Inclusive Leaders promote the core value of inclusion in their work, events, and communities.

Content Hero badgers are given out for sharing valuable knowledge at conferences, meetups or other events. Recipients of this rare award have created original content, sample code or learning resources and documented and shared their experiences and lessons to help others to build on Azure.

OpenSourcer badgers recognize those who help build a robust OSS environment, with impactful technology and a collaborative, engaged community. OpenSourcers build, maintain, and make meaningful contributions to open source projects, while inspiring others to be part of the OSS movement.

Community Hero badgers are given out for contributing materially by organising meetups or conferences or by sharing content and being an active member of the community.

Mentor badgers are awarded to individuals who routinely share their knowledge and empower the more junior members of the community, guiding and coaching them to acquire more hands-on skills. Mentoring is critical to career development and for building skills and achieving long-term career goals.

Maker – Recipients of the Maker badger are recognized as innovators who make meaningful contributions to the community. This badge is given to those who embody the maker spirit of creativity, curiosity, and determination to create projects for societal improvement that help and inspire others.

Builder badgers are given to those who complete specific challenges or for hands-on work with Azure at bootcamps, hackathons and workshops. Collect as many as you can!

Kudos Badgers are given to those who demonstrate great community spirit, teamwork, passion and more. Collect as many as you can!

Learner Badgers are given to those in pursuit of learning and who seek out ways to increase their technical knowledge! This badge is given to anyone attending Azure technical sessions, seminars, meetups and conferences. Collect as many as you can and be sure to visit MS learn to continue your learning journey!

More details on the Azure Heroes initiative can be found at the following link Azure Heroes (

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