Free Virtual Servers Review

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I have been using website hosting company Free Virtual Servers for the past few years. I host a few websites and domains with them, including this one.

My experience with the company has always been very good. Server up time is good and I am always made aware of any changes to the server my website sits on, such as upgrade of MYSQL or PHP.

The support team get a big 10 out of 10. Response time is fast and the staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help.

If you’re looking for a host, I would recommend this company.

Increase Business Performance – IT Support London

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It is no secret that business are affected by external factors that can significantly determine their revenues. Many firms, both large and small are having to deal with different IT factors every day which can affect their performance. Savvy small and medium enterprises (SMEs) owners are looking for various solutions that will ensure their business operations are not compromised at any time. Some of the solutions directly rest with IT support firms. So, how does an IT support company come in and provide the much needed operational stability?

Professional IT firms provide technological expertise to their partners and clients. Many small firms that have embraced technology have managed to grow rapidly over the past few years, thanks to the help of IT firms that have what is needed to connect the small business to the global markets. By use of the right software and hardware, IT firms have managed to link many growing firms via the Internet and in the process improve business transactions.

By working with IT support companies, many SMEs have discovered scalable solutions that address different issues that were identified during the evaluation phase. For example, by working with a IT support company, many business owners have come up with formidable decisions on whether to bring in more workers to the growing business or to introduce IT options that can help cut on costs and at the same time cover the workforce gap that exists when the workforce is reduced.

IT support companies are useful when it comes to collaborating with their clients in different projects. The support teams provide expertise solutions and operations which include backup management, setting up of networks and strategic planning that is of much help to growing enterprises. All these options are good for small businesses that lack enough capital to go for optional alternatives.

Companies such as IT Support London can help any SME get to its feet financially through availing the right tools and knowledge that is required in setting up a business. Many growing businesses that work closely with professional IT support companies find it easy to penetrate the market, thanks to the many options and advices offered by I.T support companies. IT support services range from repair and maintenance of computer and other IT machines, to developing networks and links that a firm can use to communicate with the outside world and make more sales.

Post by: Michael Nguyen

How to Automatically update URLS within posts and pages when moving to a new WordPress Site

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When transferring a WordPress site from a test environment or to a new directory, it is vital that you have a plan of action to ensure the move goes as efficiently as possible. On many WordPress sites there will be various internal links to pages and images that will need to be edited. If you are transferring quite a large site this can be quite a complicated and time intensive activity.

Luckily there are various free plugins available to do this job for us! We’re going to make use of the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin. This will search within all posts and pages and alter all links which are pointing to the wrong place.

Listed below are basic steps on how to install and make use of the plugin. Just follow these and your URLs will be changed to your new WordPress website.

  • From WordPress Dashboard navigate to the plugins page and click the add new button at the top of the page. Search for “Velvet Blues Update URLs” and install the plugin.
  • Once the plugin is installed click the link to activate the plugin.
  • Once activated you will now have a new link in your settings menu called update URLs. Click this link to open the plugin.
  • You will see 2 boxes at the bottom of the page titled old URL and new URL. Input your old URL – this is the URL where the site was previously located. i.e., if you were on and your moving to – then enter in (like in the screenshot below)
  • In the box labelled new URL, input your new URL – i.e.,
  • Click Update URLs

That’s it!  Go to your browser, refresh your website, and check your pages and posts.  All of your links should now have been updated.  Remember though, it does not update hard-coded URLs in themes and widgets. You will still need to update these manually! But it still saved a great amount of time.

Guest post written by Helen Clough of Integral IT – a Leeds based IT Support  Company.

Setup a webserver at home

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Want to get started with setting up a webserver at home. Click the below links to see instructions on how to install apache.

Before you get started make sure the machine you are setting up as an webserver, has the latest Windows updates installed and has been scanned for viruses and spyware.–how-to-set-up-a-personal-home-web-server