Useful Script for exporting Users from AD/Exchange

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Script to export list of users with forwarders configured

Get-mailbox | select DisplayName,ForwardingAddress | where {$_.ForwardingAddress -ne $Null} | select DisplayName,ForwardingAddress | where {$_.ForwardingAddress -ne $Null} | out-string -Width 999 > c:\ListOfForwarders.txt

List mailboxes where Automatically update email addresses is set to disabled

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Where {$_.EmailAddressPolicyEnabled -eq $False} > c:\AddressUpdateDisabled.txt

Mailboxes with Send As Permission

get-mailbox | Get-ADPermission | ? { ($_.ExtendedRights -like “send“) -and -not ($_.User -like “\self“) } | FT -auto identity, User,ExtendedRights | out-string -Width 999 > c:\sendAsConfigured.txt

Export users where the primary SMTP does not match the UPN

Get-ADUser -Filter {Mail -like “*”} -Properties Mail,UserPrincipalName,CN |? {$_.UserPrincipalName -ne $_.Mail} | Select Mail,UserPrincipalName,CN | out-string -Width 999 > c:\UPNDoesNotMatch.txt

Export all user accounts

get-user -resultsize unlimited | FT DisPlayName, SamaccountName, SID, UserPrincipalName, WindowsEmailAddress | out-string -Width 150 > c:\AllUsers.txt

List In-Policy bookings settings on resource mailboxes

Get-MailBox | where {$_.ResourceType -eq “equipment”} | Get-CalendarProcessing | Format-List > c:\resourceMbx.txt

Export domain accounts and Mailbox statistics

get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Get-MailboxStatistics | FT DisplayName, MailboxGuid, ItemCount, TotalIDeletedtemSize, TotalItemSize | out-string -Width 999 > c:\MailboxStats.txt

Unable to download Forefront Updates – Windows 2000 Server

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIf you are experiencing issues with downloading Forefront Updates from WSUS to your Windows 2000 server, you may find the below error within your WindowsUpdate.log folder.

WARNING: Digital Signatures on file C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution\SelfUpdate\Default\ are not trusted: Error 0x800b0109

Ensure you have a recent backup of your server. I always advise this whether the fix is small or large.

Download the below .exe and run.

Now, restart your automatic updates service and check your WindowsUpdate.log file. If there are no errors, the updates should start to pull down within 10 minutes

The reason for this issue, is because Microsoft have started using a new certificate that is issued from a newer trusted root authority to digitially sign the update files. Windows 2000 machines do not have the trusted root cert installed,  so they will not install the updates as they are considered untrusted.

How to disable changing proxy within Internet Explorer

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIf you find users can switch off the proxy within Internet Explorer, which you pushed out via Group Policy, there is another policy you can enable to grey out the option preventing them from disabling or configuring.

The setting is called Disable Changing Proxy Settings and is located at:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer

Or you could disable the connections tab located at:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel
Policy name: Disable the Connections page