Configure Intune device limit restrictions

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By default, Intune device limit restrictions set the maximum number of devices that a user can enrol into Intune (Microsoft End Point Manager). The default setting at the time of writing this blog post was 5 devices, with the option to configure up to a maximum of 15 devices.

In this blog post I will go through the process of how to reconfigure the default limit of 5.

  1. Visit the Microsoft End Point Manager Admin Center or visit

2. Click Devices from the left pane

3. Click Enrollment restrictions

4. As you can see below, the default device limit is set to 5. Click ‘All Users’ to edit the default policy, or create a new device limit restriction policy as shown below within the second image.

Note: you may have noticed an option to amend the default Device Type Restriction policy and the option to create a new policy. The device type restriction policy allows you to control what devices can enrol into Endpoint Manager, for example you may only want to allow certain iphone devices with a minimum version, for example iOS 14.3. You may want to block MacOS. This is where you would configure such settings.

5. After clicking All users within the default device restrictions policy, click Properties

6. Click Edit

7. Configure as required, options available are from 1 – 15, click your preferred option, click review+save and save again

Priority of custom policies are used when a user exists in multiple groups that are assigned restrictions. Users are subject only to the highest priority restriction assigned to a group where they are included. For example, James is located in group one assigned to priority 5 restrictions and is also in group two assigned to priority 2 restrictions. James will be subject only to the priority 2 restrictions.

When you create a restriction, it’s added to the list just above the default policy and takes priority over the default policy.

As mentioned in this post earlier, device enrollment includes default restrictions for both device type and device limit restrictions. Both restrictions apply to all users by default unless they’re overridden by higher priority restrictions.